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We are proud to announce another ESIL investment, and this time - SolOr!

Published: 08/09/2023

Solar energy today is limited in large by the need to find large flat areas where solar panels can be installed.
Imagine if you could coat almost any surface with an electricity-producing material that would effectively turn it into a solar panel- from building windows and walls to the exterior of vehicles.
That’s what Solor’s solar paint is going to do!
SolOr is developing a solar paint that can be directly applied on different platforms. With ESIL and our partners support, SolOr will demonstrate the technology by employing the ultrasonic spray coating technique on a substrate with a characteristic POC.
This investment has a special angle for us: Solor were last year’s winners of Sustain IL, ESIL’s track as part of the 2022 Climate Solutions Prize event, run by Start-Up Nation Central. We are excited to see how they have progressed and to now have them join our portfolio.

Shlomit Zamir, Gary Zaiats, and Gavriel Meron – Welcome aboard! We look forward to seeing Solor can color and energize the world.

Curious to hear more about Solor? Listen to their interview in the podcast @”Electricity On Air”:

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