Climate Solution Prize Winner- BaTTeRi

For the third consecutive year, ESIL is proud to be a co-sponsor and track leader of Startup Nation Central's Climate Solutions Prize!

Published: 27/03/2024

With more than 280 applications, our team had their hands full and managed a long and thorough selections process, culminating in the announcement of the Early-Stage Funding Competition: BaTTeRi!

BaTTeRi has developed a zero-infrastructure EV-charging-as-a-service solution. Based on its proprietary autonomous, automatic, and wireless DC charging robot, “Thomas,” the company’s solution enables sites and parking lots to offer rapid DC EV charging in every parking spot.

Thomas is also a hybrid EV charger that can store grid, solar, and wind power to provide the most economical and environmentally friendly charging solution.

BaTTeRi will be able to scale their company with:

💵 Oppurtunity to receive an investment of up to 2M NIS

✈️ Participation in an exclusive energy-tech conference in Europe later this year

📊 Opportunity to execute a pilot project with one of ESIL’s partners, as applicable

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