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Our Story

We are a partnership of three leading corporations in different industries and countries who have joined forces to develop ground-breaking, industry-transforming technologies for a greener and better future.

We will help you boost your innovations into a business, providing the next generation of solutions to help solve environmental challenges. Turning startups into success stories.

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Who Are We?

We are the Environmental Sustainability Innovation Lab (ESIL), here to accelerate and commercialize startups.

ESIL is a dynamic ecosystem delivering economically viable technology solutions that support a socially just transition to a NetZero world.

We are a platform for establishing breakthrough sustainable innovation solutions. We connect industries looking for green technology solutions with Israeli sustainability tech entrepreneurs and startups developing innovative and disruptive solutions to environmental problems.

Our Founders

ESIL is a partnership of EDF Renewables, Bazan Group and Johnson Matthey, each an industry leader in its field.

Part of EDF group, based in France and a world leader in renewable energy
Israel’s largest refining & petrochemicals complex
UK based global leader in sustainable technology

Our team

Eli Cymbalista CEO
Eliko Angel CTO
Pierre Kohn Chief Engineer
Kalyan Sarma Innovation Manager

Board of Directors

Shlomi Basson Deputy CEO
Bazan Group
Ayalon Vaniche CEO
EDF Renewables Israel
Einat Klein-Kalach Head of Innovaion
Bazan Group
Amir Horowitz New Technologies,
Business Development Manager
EDF Renewables Israel
Kristin Rickert
(Board Observer)
Innovation Portfolio Director
Johnson Matthey

Our Partners


We are here to help you succeed

We provide funds, knowledge, technological capabilities, laboratories, equipment, mentorship, professional consulting, international connections, and more through ESIL’s founders and strategic partners. These resources include access to worldwide infrastructure locations and experts in various fields.

You will be part of unique, open innovation processes with the chance for a practical realization of circular economy concepts while making a real impact on people’s lives.

Giving you a head start

  • 1M NIS investment
  • Proof of concept funding and field implementation
Facilities & Pilots
Facilities & Pilots
  • Field trials, pilots
  • Use of innovative and advanced laboratories
  • Technological feasibility tests
  • Tests and experiments
  • Multi-disciplinary professional support
  • Technological and professional support and assistance
  • Design partner
  • Product guidance and development
  • Leading professional mentors
Business Development & Support
Business Development & Support
  • Business experience with top tier multinational companies
  • Collaborate with lab partners
  • Connecting business partners in global markets
  • Distribution channels to target markets
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We seek innovative startups in the fields of Clean Energy, Material Production, Pollution Reduction & Environmentally Friendly products to join us on a journey of growth, technology excellence, and business success

Clean energy production and storage
Optimization of production processes
Energy streamlining
Advanced materials and chemistries for energy transitions
Pollution treatment
Air pollution reduction
Control and reduction of risks – noise, vibrations, odors
Prevention and reduction of pollution and hazards from hazardous materials
Computerizing and monitoring control of pollution treatment processes
Developing the production of more environmentally friendly products
Material recycling and reconstitution
Sewage treatment

The application process

Turn your vision into a pilot with ESIL
Apply Fill out the application form
Evaluation We review your investors deck checking out for a match to our investment criteria. If suitable, we’ll proceed to an in-depth analysis of your startup
Work Plan We define, together with you, a detailed work plan matching an approved budget
Join the Lab Following an approval from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), your startup will join the lab to execute the work plan

Time to apply

Our team of experts will examine your application and contact you
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